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Á̱ cak a̱li̱ka̱ma ma̱ng "ma̱to cak a̱mun" mbeang ti̱rakto ma̱ng a̱junjung ma̱to kpa̱t nkyang

Khap yet naat mbwuot go á̱ga̱fi̱p ma̱ng ba̱ng nkyangzwa (nyám mali).[1]

Ya̱fang[jhyuk | jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

  1. Safety and health in agriculture (di̱n Shong). P. 77. ISBN 978-92-2-111517-5. International Labour Organization (1999) "defined agriculture as 'all forms of activities connected with growing, harvesting and primary processing of all types of crops, with the breeding, raising and caring for animals, and with tending gardens and nurseries'."