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A̱tuk Ta̱lata
Zwat A̱ni̱nai
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Ma̱aba̱n/tyebaa ang ma̱ng bai A̱na̱nwuai sot-á̱niet ka! Wat huni tyai nta̱m nang zi̱ nyia̱ a̱ni ma̱ng nkhang tazwa Wukipedia nTyap hu. A yet a̱niet a̱fai wa mi̱ Wukipedia? Da̱ nwuan vak mbeang nkyang di̱ wat Wukipedia (di̱n Shong) mat kuzang kyang ku myim a lyen a̱ni a ka ntsa jhyuk hu.

Mi̱ di̱ yong huni, a̱yaati̱kut 453 bya shyia̱ wuki huni.

Cat cuk a̱kwak a̱son/Administratorship request[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

Voting is over. Kambai Akau has been elected administrator. You can request admin permissions in Meta. --LisafBia6531 (a̱lyiat) 10:39, 13 Zwat A̱natat 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

Kambai Akau[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

kcg: Cat Cuk A̱kwak A̱son: N byiat nzi̱t a̱mgba̱m a̱mali kani. Á̱ ngyei nung Kambai A̱ka̱u. N ku tsa nta̱m njhyuk nkyang mi̱ Wukipedia nShong ma̱ a̱lyia̱ 2016. A̱wot di̱n jen a̱ja, Wukipedia nTyap hu ka̱n shyia̱ bah. N si̱ ba̱ tak kyang cat nung hu a̱zaghyi Sot A̱lyem Wukimedia ji ma̱ a̱tuk mam 3 Zwat Swak ma̱ng Sweang 2020 mat ji̱ ghwon Tyap ji ji̱ shyia̱ Wukipedia a̱pyia̱ nji hu, a̱wot dundung ma̱ng á̱kpa̱ndang ta̱m nung ba - Zwandien Bobai ma̱ng Stephen Kalad Jonathan, a̱tyubeang sot nzi̱t wu - Amir Aharoni, ma̱ng á̱nietjhyuk ba̱ ntung bai a̱ma̱lyim a̱ni nang n si̱ mi̱n ngyei lyulyoot mba hu a̱nyanyin a̱ni, zi̱ si̱ nyia̱ ta̱m ba̱t ku si̱ tat nzi̱t shyia̱ Wukipedia nzi̱t hu - Wukipedia nTyap hu. Mi̱ di̱ shim nyin hu, n cat n shyia̱ a̱wat yet a̱kwak a̱son mi̱ Wukipedia nTyap hu. Ka̱ a shim ku a shim bah ku a cat yong tsi̱tsak, tak cat ang hu ma̱ng jat ang ji a̱tafa lyuut cat shim huni ma̱sa̱kut. N gwai ba̱t.
en: Administratorship Request: Greetings to us all in this house. My name is Kambai Akau. I began editing on the English Wikipedia in 2016. But as of then, there was no Tyap Wikipedia. I then forwarded my request to the Wikimedia Language Committee to allow Tyap get its own Wikipedia on 3 December 2020, which together with my colleagues - Zwandien Bobai and Stephen Kalad Jonathan, our community helper - Amir Aharoni, and editors who came afterwards whom I cannot name one by one, all worked to attain the status of gaining our own Wikipedia - the Tyap Wikipedia. With your agreement, I want to be an administrator in the Tyap Wikipedia. If you consent or don't consent or wish to remain neutral, please indicate your decision with your reason below this request. Thank you indeed. Kambai Akau (a̱lyiat) 23:17, 4 Zwat A̱taa 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

(+) Li̱n a̱ma/Support[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

I support Levi Kambai's aspiration for the adminship. He has done enough in the Tyap Wikipedia team and community. His love for the development of Tyap Language is laudable. Therefore, I endorse his candidacy. Zbobai (a̱lyiat) 22:18, 5 Zwat A̱taa 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

(-) Nyia̱ fi̱p/Oppose[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

(0) Yong tsi̱tsak/Neutral[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

Bot policy proposal[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]


To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable). The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page (or to the dedicated page the community uses to handle bot approvals) from Project:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement it soon if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests.

Thank you.

--MarcoAurelio (a̱lyiat) 11:23, 14 Zwat A̱taa 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

Greetings MarcoAurelio. On my part, and I believe, the rest of the translators in the Tyap wiki, there is no objection. Please go ahead, and thanks! Kambai Akau (a̱lyiat) 12:29, 17 Zwat A̱taa 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]
Hello @Kambai Akau. I went ahead and implemented it by redirecting Project:Bot policy to this page. I'll add a note on top of this page as well indicating that this project uses the Meta global bot policy. If in the future you want to discuss bot requests in a different page, feel free to update Project:Bot policy pointing it to the relevant bot request page. Best regards, --MarcoAurelio (a̱lyiat) 11:05, 29 Zwat A̱taa 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]
MarcoAurelio -- Okay, no problems. Regards, Kambai Akau (a̱lyiat) 14:18, 29 Zwat A̱taa 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

Adminship Request (LisafBia6531)[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

Hello, I'm LisafBia6531, requesting a temporary admin to further assist with the operation of this wiki. I hope you will accept my request. Thanks. LisafBia6531 (a̱lyiat) 11:04, 12 Zwat A̱ni̱nai 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

(+) Li̱n a̱ma/Support[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

Support -- I support LisafBia6531's adminship bid. He is doing a lot for this wiki already. Kambai Akau (a̱lyiat) 11:37, 12 Zwat A̱ni̱nai 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

(-) Nyia̱ fi̱p/Oppose[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

Oppose Apparently, you do not know the local language, which would make the stuff to be complicated. Also, the local language seems incompatible with your native language, Turkish. --Victor Trevor (a̱lyiat) 13:51, 12 Zwat A̱ni̱nai 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

Victor Trevor, I guess no one knows the language but Kambai Akau. LisafBia6531 (a̱lyiat) 13:53, 12 Zwat A̱ni̱nai 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]
I appreciate Kambai Akau for taking responsibility. It is great for a new project that there is an administrator who knows the local language. But, the answer [about your adminship] is still no. Thanks for your contributions. --Victor Trevor (a̱lyiat) 14:02, 12 Zwat A̱ni̱nai 2022 (WAT)Reply[shim]

(0) Yong tsi̱tsak/Neutral[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]