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The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Swidin: Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien) is one of the royal academies of Sweden. Founded on 2 June 1739, it is an independent, non-governmental scientific organization that takes special responsibility for promoting natural sciences and mathematics and strengthening their influence in society, whilst endeavouring to promote the exchange of ideas between various disciplines.

The goals of the academy are:

  • to be a forum where researchers meet across subject boundaries,
  • to offer a unique environment for research,
  • to provide support to younger researchers,
  • to reward outstanding research efforts,
  • to communicate internationally among scientists,
  • to advance the case for science within society and to influence research policy priorities
  • to stimulate interest in mathematics and science in school, and
  • to disseminate and popularize scientific information in various forms.

Every year, the academy awards the Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, the Crafoord Prize, the Sjöberg Prize and several other awards. The academy maintains close relations with foreign academies, learned societies and international scientific organizations and also promotes international scientific cooperation. The Academy of Sciences is located within the Stockholm region's Royal National City Park.