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Wukipedia:A̱yaakwak a̱son

Neet di̱ Wikipedia
Wukipedia:A̱yaakwak a̱son
Wikimedia project page, Wikimedia project policies and guidelines
A̱tsak a̱pyia̱ a̱lyiat wuWikipedia administrators Jhyuk
Á̱ ni̱ fa nkyangta̱m Wukipedia na̱ yet nang kyangshyok a̱byin a̱tyulyang a̱vwuo hwa a̱ni, si̱ ku tyia̱ á̱ ni̱ ngwa̱i cuk a̱kwak a̱son ji mi̱ di̱n jen jhyang nang "á̱ jong ang kyangshyok a̱byin hu" a̱ni. Ma̱nang a̱tsak a̱tyulyang a̱vwuo bye byia̱ yaya a̱yaaofit nang á̱ghyang á̱nietnta̱m si̱ mi̱n ba̱ng a̱ni, ma a̱nia wa nang a̱yaakwak a̱son ba byia̱ ncet nyia̱ nkyang njhyang nang konyan wa maai nyia̱ a̱ni bah, a̱wot – nang a̱tsak a̱tyulyang a̱vwuo meang – ba̱ si̱ mi̱n ngyet a̱tsatsak ba̱ swak kuzang a̱tyujhyuk a̱ni.

A̱yaakwak a̱son ba, á̱ ka ngyei a̱yaadmin ku a̱yaasi̱sop (a̱nietnta̱m si̱stem, ku "sysops" di̱n Shong), yet á̱nietjhyuk Wukipedia bya nang á̱ ku nwuak cet nyian nkyang na̱ na vwuo á̱ghyang á̱nietjhyuk a̱khwu nyia̱ a̱ni di̱ Wukipedia nTyap hu. Si̱ nani, ni̱nia yet: cet fam ma̱ng ti̱n fam hu neet di̱ li̱la̱n á̱nietjhyuk, a̱ka̱vwuonswat IP, ma̱ng shi a̱swap IP neet di̱ jhyuk, jhyuk ngwat nang á̱ ku cok gba̱mgbam a̱ni, ngwat nang á̱ cam ma̱ng si̱ na nang á̱ nwai cam a̱ni neet di̱ jhyuk, ti̱n ngwat ba̱ ka bwuok ma̱ng ngwat nang á̱ ku ti̱n a̱ni, shai lyulyoot ngwat di̱ mi̱n dyem, a̱wot ba̱ ka nyia̱ ta̱m ma̱ng nkyangta̱m njhyang nang á̱ khap á̱ si̱ sak zan a̱ni.

A̱yaakwak a̱son ba ni̱ pyia̱t mkpa̱t nani nang á̱nietbeang ta̱m á̱ nwai teang ba kurum bya a̱ni lilyim nang ba̱ ku byia̱k cen nwuan sot-á̱nietjhyuk hu. Ba̱ nwai yet á̱nietnta̱m Sotbeang Wukimedia á̱ teang mba kurum a̱ni. Á̱ mbyia̱ jen ji nang á̱ na ntyia̱ mba ba̱ nyia̱ ta̱m ma̱ng nkyangta̱m mba na di̱ ta bah, a̱wot ta hwa ba̱ tyong nyian ta̱m ma̱ng á̱na di̱n jen fwuon zok ba̱ byia̱ a̱ka̱ta a̱ni da̱nian shyiat a̱fi̱ng a̱pyia̱ mba. Yok kwok a̱yaakwak a̱son ba̱ yet kyang nyiung hwa ma̱ng a̱yaakwak a̱son si̱stem Wukimedia ("sysadmins") ba bah.

Wukipedia nTyap hu byia̱ a̱kwak a̱son 2 wa mi̱ di̱ yong huni (li a̱jhyem lyulyoot li̱la̱n ma̱ng a̱ka̱wat a̱kwak a̱son ku lyulyoot a̱yaakwak a̱son di̱n vak shi nta̱m).

Yet a̱kwak a̱son[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

The English Wikipedia has no official requirements to become an administrator. Any registered user can request adminship ("RFA") from the community, regardless of their Wikipedia experience. However, administrators are expected to have the trust and confidence of the community, so requests from users who do not have considerable experience are not usually approved. Any editor can comment on a request, and each editor will assess each candidate in their own way. However, only registered editors can "vote" in such requests.

Before requesting or accepting a nomination, candidates should generally be active, regular, and long-term Wikipedia editors, be familiar with the procedures and practices of Wikipedia, respect and understand its policies, and have gained the general trust of the community. Candidates are also required to disclose whether they have ever edited Wikipedia for pay. Questions regarding this are permitted to be asked of every candidate, by any editor in the community, throughout the RFA process.

A discussion takes place for seven days about whether the candidate should become an administrator. Per community consensus, RfAs are advertised on editors' watchlists and Template:Centralized discussion. The community has instituted a question limit: no editor may ask more than two questions of a candidate. Also disallowed are multi-part questions that are framed as one question, but which in effect ask multiple questions and exceed the limit. Bureaucrats may "clerk" RfAs, dealing with comments and/or votes which they deem to be inappropriate.

The RfA process allows other editors to get to know the candidate, and explore the candidate's involvement and background as an editor, conduct in discussions, and understanding of the role they are requesting, and to state if they support or oppose the request, along with their reasons and impressions of the candidate. An uninvolved bureaucrat then determines if there is consensus to approve the request. This determination is not based exclusively on the percentage of support, but in practice most RfAs above 75% pass. The community has determined that in general, RfAs between 65 and 75% support should be subject to the discretion of bureaucrats. (Therefore, it logically follows that almost all RfAs below 65% support will fail.)

While RFA is an intensive process, the quality of feedback and review on the candidate's readiness and demeanor by experienced editors is often very high. Applicants who are unsuccessful but take steps to address points raised will often succeed on a subsequent request some months later. If you are interested in requesting adminship, you should first read the guide to requests for adminship and the nomination instructions. When you are ready to apply, you may add your nomination to the Wikipedia:Requests for adminship ("RFA") page, according to the instructions on that page.

Only one account of a given person may have administrative tools. The only exception is administrators may own bots with administrative access. See WP:ADMINSOCK.

Adminship is granted indefinitely, and is removed only upon request, under circumstances involving high-level intervention (see administrator abuse below), or temporarily for inactive admins.

Places where administrators in particular can assist[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]

Administrator rights can be particularly helpful in certain areas of Wikipedia:

See also Wikipedia:Admins willing to make difficult blocks and the administrators channel on IRC for IRC users.

"Uninvolved administrators" can also help in the management of Arbitration Committee remedies and the dispute resolution concerning disruptive areas and situations. Administrators acting in this role are neutral; they do not have any direct involvement in the issues they are helping people with. Lists of sanctions that are to be enforced by neutral administrators can be found at Wikipedia:General sanctions and Wikipedia:Arbitration/Active sanctions (see also requests for enforcement at Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement).

A̱ka̱fwuop nta[jhyuk a̱tyin ka]