Hussaini Abdu

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He is a development and humanitarian specialist, researcher, and scholar. He’s served in different capacities in academics, development, and humanitarian organizations.

Hussaini Abdu yet a̱gwaklyen Tungzwa Kwainfwuoá̱niet ma̱ng Myiam Cok-á̱niet mi̱ A̱ka̱demi Cok-á̱niet Naijeriya (NDA) mi̱ Ka̱duna[1]. His career encompasses a wide range of activities, including comprehensive institutional and independent reviews, strategic planning, and international consultancies across Africa and Latin America[2]. He as written two books and scholarly journals, with a particular focus on Nigeria and African civil society, security, democratic governance, and development. titled: "Clash of Identity: State, Society, and Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Northern Nigeria," published in 2010, and "Partitioned Borgu: State, Politics, and Society in a West African Border Region," released in 2019.[1]

Dr. Hussaini Abdu served as the pioneering Country Director of Plan International Nigeria, a role he held until his departure in February 2021, according to a statement from the organization.[3] His journey with Plan International began in April 2015 when he joined from his previous position as the Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria, where he served for six years. Dr. Abdu embarked on this new chapter to embrace fresh challenges after successfully guiding Plan International in Nigeria to a prominent position as a leading international non-governmental organization championing the rights of girls and children.[3]

Dr. Fatoumata Haidara, Director of the Sahel Region at Plan International, commended Dr. Abdu for his exemplary leadership and outstanding accomplishments in advancing the organization's core values. She emphasized how, under his guidance, the organization's programs expanded significantly over the past six years, establishing itself as one of the largest players in the region and taking a leading role in complex humanitarian efforts within the Lake Chad Basin. This included collaborative initiatives with neighboring countries like Niger and Cameroon.[3]

Maike Roettger, National Director of Plan International Germany, also expressed her admiration for Dr. Abdu's achievements. She fondly recalled her visit to Nigeria, where she had the privilege of working with and learning from him, describing it as a profoundly impressive experience. Dr. Abdu's leadership played a pivotal role in the success of the Lake Chad Programme, which positively transformed the lives of numerous individuals, particularly children, and girls, making it a testament to his exceptional contributions.

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